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Menjadi Rakan Kongsi

Membantu pelanggan anda mengetahui punca gejala mereka.

Kenapa perlu menjadi Rakan Kongsi?

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Mendaftarlah sebagai Rakan Kongsi hari ini

Sebagai Rakan Kongsi, anda berhak menerima diskaun untuk produk tertentu bersama-sama dengan dokumentasi sokongan untuk pemasaran dan menjual produk kami.

Anda tidak perlu lagi meneka sensitiviti makanan pelanggan anda dengan ujian alergi komprehensif kami kerana lebih 600 item makanan dan bukan makanan akan diperiksa. Anda bakal menawarkan perkhidmatan berharga kepada pelanggan anda kerana laporan ujian kami memberikan anda dan pelanggan anda maklumat penting yang mereka perlukan untuk melaksanakan perubahan positif kepada hidup mereka dan mengelak item makanan dan bukan makanan yang mungkin mengancam kesihatan mereka.


Bagaimana untuk menjadi Rakan Kongsi

Menjadi rakan kongsi adalah mudah dan anda akan menyedari manfaatnya dari ujian pertama anda. Bekerjasama dengan kami bermakna pelanggan anda akan mendapat keputusan yang tepat dan apabila digabungkan dengan pakej pasca jualan, perniagaan anda juga boleh meraih ganjaran yang lebih besar.

Tatal ke bawah ke borang pendaftaran untuk menghantar maklumat pendaftaran anda dan kami akan berhubung untuk membincangkan pilihan anda.

The tests from Test Your Intolerance are simple, non-invasive and quick which makes them a great extra service for my Nutritional Therapy clients. They help to quickly identify problem foods and – perhaps even more importantly – nutrients that are deficient in the body, which can help to get even quicker results for people suffering from symptoms of food intolerances.

The team are friendly and helpful, and I can be confident that they will help to support my professional reputation with my clients in the way that they process the tests, supply results and deal with any issues.

Julie Wilkins

Julie Wilkins Nutritional Therapy

I have been working with The Intolerance Testing Group for over 2 years and the experience has been amazing. They have great agent support. Emma and the team provide great personal attention, responding quickly to my needs along the way. I’ve had the honor to meet most of the team and they always stun me with their professionalism, knowledge, and their commitment to nurture collective growth for their company, agents, and clients by offering affordable testing with uncompromised service and sound results. These tests are a great tool in my coaching practice as an aid to helping my clients re-focus their path on the road to better health and happiness.

Mercedes Jalil

Integrative Nutrition Health, Wellness Hub

On doing some research I discovered locally in Cork Ireland about blood testing for intolerances. I went and gave blood and filled out a form. After 3 weeks later, I discovered that you had to have eaten the foods for an intolerance to show up! I was very disappointed as I had a feeling I was intolerant to wheat and yeast. I avoided both when I had the test and nothing showed up. I was extremely disappointed as I had paid €300 euro for the blood test. I searched online for days and spoke to a few different companies about getting a test done. Most companies were very difficult and very expensive. That’s when I came across Test Your Intolerance and have never looked back. They are very easy to work with and are a fantastic company. All I can say is they saved my life and prolonged it which I will be forever grateful. I now also have a lot of clients who thank me for helping them feel much better – it has definitely changed people’s lives for the better! Thank you Test Your Intolerance.

Mary Rossiter

Healthcare Professional

After feeling unusually tired for some months I decided to get an intolerance test done. I found the experience with Test Your Intolerance to be one that was exceptional. Testing hair rather then other means is one of the least intrusive methods that could possibly be used. The process is quick and very efficient. The results are clear and I was able to take action immediately. After taking action I have found a dramatic reduction in my tiredness and therefore an increase in my quality of life. This is the easiest method possible for feeling better. Thanks Test Your Intolerance!

Jonathan Harker


I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service. As a Crossfit athlete, my diet is very important and I have been having issues with not being able to loose weight, skin issues, water retention, fatigue, etc. I was told by a co-worker who had used this company for her food testing and how happy she was with the results and how quick the turn around time was. So I decided to give it a try.

Not only was the price super affordable, the amount of items they test against is insane. Being someone with auto-immune, the larger the variety of testing the better! So, I went online, followed the directions and in one week I had my results. I have already started my elimination diet, and implemented the vitamins that my body was extremely lacking. I am already sleeping better, I have dropped a ton of water that I was holding on to and feel so much better and my skin is already clearing up.

I truly recommend if your having any issues to take this test to see what your body is having issues with. You would be surprised at your results. With all the processed stuff that is in food these days, you never know what can be giving you problems! Thank you!

Christi Ross

NW Catering

I’ve found the hair analysis to be extremely beneficial, not only for pinpointing dietary and environmental sensitivities, but also highlighting any nutritional deficiencies in my system. I eat a healthy diet, yet some foods I consumed were causing problems! Now I can release them from my diet for a while and give my body a break! Plus I can now enrich my diet with the vitamins and minerals my system is low on. A great way to ensure I am getting what I need to be healthy!



I have been suffering from IBS for many years without any real help from supplement and the intolerance test was eye-opening. Many of the food items that I was intolerant to had been staple items in my diet. I felt so much better from the first few days of eliminating them from my diet. I felt more alert. No more headaches, bloating, upset stomach or feeling sluggish. The food supplement test also made a significant difference to the quality of my life. I had been supplementing with vitamins and minerals I did not need. Once I started taking the ones I needed I found I was able to concentrate better and my mood improved! I have recommended these tests to three people and I will keep recommending them to anyone who is unhappy with their diet or unsatisfied by a conventional allergy test.


Bantu pelanggan anda mengetahui punca gejala mereka. Peroleh pendapatan sambil anda menjual produk yang anda yakin dan pertingkatkan penawaran produk anda.


Borang Pendaftaran

Kami akan menghubungi anda untuk membincangkan langkah yang seterusnya untuk menjadi rakan kongsi kami.